Hi friends

Let me introduce myself; I am Richard Waddell, a pastor and missionary who has been involved in international churches for over 20 years. My wife and I started an international fellowship in Mauritius while setting up the Island's first Bible college. I then spent 9 years in Bangladesh where I pastored the Dhaka International Christian Church. I fell in love with the idea, the opportunities and the people of the international church. I recently stepped down as co-pastor of the International Christian Fellowship of Phnom Penh in cambodia.

In my experience I have felt the need for the following:

   • A way for people travelling abroad to easy find a church in the city and country they are visiting.
   • A way for international church leaders to connect more easily. It has felt lonely at times being a pastor in a remote country.
      I know there are some excellent networks that already exist (I am part of the Missional International Church Network - MICN),
      but what about a wider, truely international connection of churches!
   • A place where international churches can post vacancies as they look for experienced men and woman to serve in their communities.
   • A place where experienced pastors can publish their availability to serve.

A network like this could advertise events that are of special interest to people involved in international congregations such as conferences, seminars and workshops. Send me any event details if you know of anything relevant and interesting.

A regular newsletter could keep us all informed of what is happening.

I have created a website directory in which I have included as many churches as I have been able to find. Would you please have a look at your details; correct them if they need updating or add them if they are not there! (Of course, if you may also request for them to be removed!) Let me know of any other churches you think should be added.

Feel free to send me church staff vacancies, job resumes, and other information you think others would like to know.

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Warm regards

(You can find out more about me in my personal website)